The advantages of the CNC machining method – with high quality and repeatability.

The advantages of the CNC machining method – with high quality and repeatability.

CNC machining refers to a type of manufacturing method operated by CNC lathes. Generally speaking, CNC machining has similarities with the process of conventional lathe machining. Both are based on digital information and operate around the movement of cutting tools, while there are also certain variabilities.

It is a highly efficient and automated means, suitable for products with complex and diverse requirements, such as a wide variety of parts, small batches, complex geometric shapes, and high precision requirements.

CNC Machining follows the instructions issued by the operating system, and the cutting tools will perform various required actions according to these instructions, including shape, size, processing requirements, and so on.

It is a complex and delicate method, including operations such as milling, boring, drilling, tapping, and cutting threads. The machining center is equipped with a tool magazine that contains different numbers and types of cutting tools, and these tools will be automatically selected or replaced through the program.

The products produced by CNC machining have stable quality, clear patterns, significant metal grain, smooth surface without scratches and edges. In addition, the heat dissipation efficiency of raw materials is low and does not change due to the processing process.

CNC machining can achieve automatic selection and replacement. It enables the spindle speed, feed speed, processing route, and other auxiliary functions to change automatically. The replacement and selection of cutting tools can realize the completion of multiple processes on multiple surfaces of the part in sequence.

With the advantage of automatic tool change concentration, CNC machining can significantly reduce the milling time in the milling machine start-up time to 80% by reducing the time required for workpiece loading, measurement, and lathe adjustment. At the same time, by reducing the time between processes such as transportation, handling, and shelf life, the production cycle is shortened, and good profit benefits are brought. The machining center is especially suitable for small and medium batch production situations with complex structures, high precision, and frequent replacements.

In the process of multi-variety and small batch production, CNC machining ensures quality and high efficiency by reducing the time for preparing lathe changes and inspections. Because it uses the optimal milling amount, the milling time can be shortened. For complex materials, conventional methods cannot be produced, and even those positions that cannot be visually recognized can be achieved through CNC machining.

CNC machining has six significant advantages:

  1. High machining accuracy: The digital template and automated machining almost completely eliminate human errors. Because it is operated by a computer system, through precise programming and processing of digital programs, without human assistance, it can reach the accuracy level of one thousandth. In addition, when designing and manufacturing CNC lathes, many measurement methods have been adopted to promote the mechanical components of CNC lathes to reach a higher level of accuracy.
  2. Flexible manufacturing capacity: CNC has highly flexible production capacity and can manufacture customized parts through machines. The CNC lathe can be reprogrammed in a given short period of time to produce completely different products. With this advantage, CNC machining can quickly realize the conversion between parts. In addition, past programs can also be stored, and these programs can be called or used at any time. This makes it suitable not only for large-scale production but also for small batch orders.
  3. High productivity:  CNC lathes have more advantages than manual operations because they can run at an uninterrupted speed around the clock and only stop for maintenance and repair. As long as regular      inspections and maintenance are carried out, these machines can run perfectly without problems. In terms of efficiency, it also exceeds manual operations because there are no interruptions between production cycles.
  4. Quality assurance: Because the CNC drilling tool is controlled by computer program software, once the design is uploaded, it can consistently manufacture the same parts with the same precision and obtain high-quality parts without human assistance. The power software of these computers can be modified and updated regularly, further enhancing consistency and reliability.
  5. Complex machining parts: There are some complex surfaces in the machining process, which are more difficult to handle by conventional methods. Computer-aided design (CAD) can be used to create the final 3D design. Upload it to the computer of the lathe, and the lathe will quickly complete the design from the material with standard specifications and complex shapes without taking too much time.
  6. Labor saving: CNC lathes can work continuously for several hours without the need for continuous human attendance. Once the program is started, one operator can monitor multiple machines at the same time, which enables the operator to carry out other tasks. This also saves costs for the enterprise.

CNC machining plays an indispensable role in the technological development of the entire society, covering all aspects from one part to large mechanical coverings closely related to it. Up to now, many CNC machining factories are working according to the requirements of the drawings.

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